Partnering Solutions

Complete peace of mind from a business partner.

Albury Technology has significant experience in working alongside other IBM Lotus and Microsoft Business Partners to provide a range of services from full-time projects to ad-hoc support. Our affordable rates allow you to pass cost savings onto your clients whilst benefiting from our knowledge of different products to offer a more complete range of services.

Most importantly, partnering with us will allow you the flexibility to manage fluctuations in demand without the need to recruit. Our experienced team offer you complete peace of mind in a challenging climate, delivering the same high standard of work that your clients have come to expect.

"Albury Technology are extremely professional and discrete, offering us and our clients a fantastic service. They are an essential asset to our business"
Andy Brittain, Operations Manager, Time Technology

"Knowledge of niche products within the Lotus brand allows us to use their services when needed without the cost of keeping them in-house"
Peter Skeffington, Head of Solutions and Marketing, The Portal Partnership